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Professional correction of a client's vacation photos

Professional correction of a client's vacation photos

I'm often asked by clients, "could you work on my photo?" Recently, I was sent an image (a smaller .jpg file) that was only large enough to print 10"x10", and the color cast on the original photo was very green-yellow. This client wanted to print the photo at 20"x20" on bright aluminum, and it was important because the photo was made on a very special family vacation to Scotland.

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Todays project involved taking some really nasty, shaky, movie footage, calming it down, and producing a usable animation with only the use of Adobe Photoshop CC. This was an all manual process. Photoshop doesn't have magical button, preset, or or action to do this. Often times, the best way to proceed is to look at these types of projects as skill development, and challenge yourself to come up with an original way to solve the problem, using the tools available to you (in this case, all those within Photoshop) to produce your desired result. The resulting project file is a black & white GIF, created from the original source video clip in color at the bottom of the post. Why black & white? Beside the fact that it looks cool, the GIF file format can only render 256 colors maximum, and the resulting animation would really look terrible.  The next goal is to now move past the limitations that the old and outdated GIF file format presents, and begin creating HD Cinemagraphs.

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