Eastern White Pine Tree Climb

Back on July 12th, my friend Devon James, owner of Ironwood Tree Service, invited me along on a very cool adventure - we we're going to climb a MASSIVE Eastern White Pine, 140' high, and I was going to take some panoramas from the very top. This is something Devon does everyday - he's a professional. I rock climb, but still, this trip was not like anything I've ever climbed before. For those of you that do rock climb, this tree was a true multi-pitch route, moving upward in two stages, because the ropes just aren't long enough to go the entire 140' height. What a morning! Thanks Devon! Hopefully we're going to do this again in September to photograph the beautiful Adirondack fall foliage from even higher up. We've got another tree scouted that should offer even better views. Also, if you need any professional tree service, call Devon James - he's very skilled and can take down dangerous trees as big as this one climbed today. I was scrubbing tree sap off myself and the camera for hours, but it was so worth the effort.